10 December 2012

Relish 12: Sweet Treat & Letting Go

Relish 12 Day Two: Sweet Treat… Life is littered with sweetness, of all kinds. What was the sweetest treat you enjoyed this year?

This is the year I managed to get my creativity back.

Creating things. Making things is one of the great pleasures I take in life, especially when I am able to share it with others.  And finding that again this year has been brilliant.

I've been bouncing all over the place with it--I did a little painting, I started writing (obviously) again. I found a new found love for making jewelry and I am currently a woman obsessed with her yarn and crochet hooks. But every time I finish something new, I am filled with a joy I haven't experienced in a really long time even if it isn't perfect.

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Relish 12 Day Three: Let Go… What did you let go of this year? This could be a specific belief, or a relationship, or something else in your life.

Funny how what you think you need to do the most to focus on yourself can seem like such a small thing but end up costing you the most.

I've actually already touched on this in others posts so I won't rehash all of that again, but letting go of any kind of relationship, big or small can be hard. There is bound to be hurt, misunderstanding and in my case a good chunk of time wishing I could take it all back because the last thing I want to do is cause anyone pain, even if it is for a single fleeting moment.

But that is what I did this year. I let go of the relationships that didn't serve me well anymore. I put myself first. I played the rarely used selfish card and walked away. And once the sadness melted away, I felt free to be.


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