08 December 2012

Running with the Devil


It's been quite a few weeks since I've updated this series, but for good reason.

Until last week, even though I didn't totally follow his directions, I was on doctors orders to not run. At. All. Sure, I snuck out for a couple of runs here and there just to see if he was right and he was. But we aren't going to tell him that.

Anyway it was supposed to be no running for first it was 6 weeks, then 8 weeks and then 12 weeks. The reason.....I somehow managed to completely eff up my hip through a combination of doing too much too soon (rookie move, I know) and from a lingering "side effect" from the surgery I had done on my Achilles tendon and foot last summer (my gait had totally changed and not for the better).

Thankfully though after MRI's, x-rays, a little physical therapy and a whole lot of stretching I was back at it this week and it was FANTASTIC! I had forgotten how much I actually love to run, even if on the first time out it was extremely windy and cold. Not going to lie--running along a windy lake, in winter, even if there really isn't any snow yet, is a pretty chilly adventure. But it was great.

I am happy to say getting back out there wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. My pace was (not surprisingly  a bit slower than it was when I had to stop. But what is important is that I was able to do it. I only managed to get out there three times this week and as much as I keep thinking "You could have done more!" I'm not pushing it. I'm starting out slow and steady because the last thing I want to do is bunk up my hip again.

I'm hoping the icy weather conditions/roads hold off for at least another week so I can continue to run outside and get myself used to the cold weather. And also to give me a chance to head to my local running store for some winter running gear.

Sadie has even been joining me when I go out to run and loves it!


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