12 December 2012

Relish 12: Light Bulb Moments & The Call of Nature

Relish 12 Day Six Light bulb moments… 
Insight and inspiration know no schedule and worry not about convenience. We consider ourselves lucky when they strike us at all, ill-timing aside. What light bulb moments did you have this year?

Is it just me or are most of these posts taking on a similar theme?

My big "ah-ha!" moment this year came during one of my runs. I kept telling my friends (jokingly) that I felt like my morning runs were better than therapy. As well as early morning entertainment for anyone who happened to be out and about while I ran past their house, usually singing and dancing as well.

Anyway, while I was out running and talking (yes, out loud--this post is going to make me sound fifty shades of crazy) to my imaginary running coach, arguing with myself about whether or not I could push myself a little hard, run a little farther, run a little faster it hit me like a brick wall. What it was I fighting against and what it was I needed to overcome.

I had a number of moments like this throughout the year. Moments when I finally opened myself to what I never wanted to see (or feel) before and embracing it for all its worth.

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Relish 12 Day Eleven: The call of Nature… True, for some it may only come as a whisper, but for many the call to be out in nature is nearly impossible to ignore. We are a part of it, as much as it is a part of us, and honoring that desire to commune with the land and its creatures is also honoring all that is still very much wild and untamed within ourselves. When did you answer the call of nature this year? Where did you go and how did you spend your time connecting?

I started running again this summer after quite a hiatus and spent most mornings at my favorite running spot, near the lake. I'm a morning runner, so I spent most mornings up with the sunrise and enjoying the quiet of the moment and on more than a few occasions was greeted by a rabbit who I am sure was checking on my progress. I also ended each run with a meditation session at the cottage (which we all know I adore). While sitting (and while running) with myself, I was able to find a calm to settle myself which I know I drew from where I was. It's hard to be anything but present when everything else around you seems to stop.


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