23 June 2013

Sunday Confessions

Did ya'll know I wrote something that was published (semi-recently).....in a book! Well, I did and I'm all kinds of proud of it. I was going to dedicate an entire post to it but why the time I was done with the (handwritten) draft it was 6 pages long. Whoops!

My obsession with bags really really needs to come to an end. But it seems like I see a bag and my brain decides that we "must have ALL the bags!". Like the one below. *sigh* It's lovely.
Olive Tree Textiles on Etsy
I have a notebook full of half written blog posts and ideas that I'm afraid to post. And I don't like that feeling one bit.

I've also brought out my characters books---it's a notebook where I keep all my ideas for characters I might some day write about. Each character gets at least a page, sometimes more, written about them: name (obviously), personality quirks, random bits of info, some even have a mini-story to tell. I sometimes think that notebook is my favorite part about writing. Getting to know new characters before breathing them into real life.

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