17 June 2013

Music Monday: Dave Barnes

This is generally how the conversation goes when the song God Gave Me You comes on the radio and I am with friends.....

Me: Oh, I really love this song.

Friends: What?! But you don't like country music. And you like Blake Shelton?

Me: I don't. But this is a great song.

Friends: Ha! You do like country.

Me: No. I just really love Dave Barnes.

At which time a look of confusion sets it or they roll their eyes at me.

And hey! Looky there. A photo of me and Dave Barnes from when he toured with Bonnie Raitt in 2008. This was the second photo of us from the evening--the first he kind of messed up when he proclaimed to everyone within hearing distance that I smelled "really good".
Me and Dave Barnes Pt. 2
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