08 June 2013


We are 8 days into June and I am still not running.

And I'm beyond frustrated.

I went out for a quick, easy mile run a little more than a week ago planning on easing back into a routine. The first few minutes were fine and then the familiar twinge in my hip started and progressed to a point that by the time I made it home I was in some pretty significant pain and walking as if I needed a hip replacement. Even now, there is still some discomfort and that feeling of just not quite being able to stretch things out enough is back.

So what's a girl to do?

Welp, according to the professions there shall be no running, indefinitely.

There is an annoying little muscle called the tensor fasciae latae which is being a total shit and not cooperating. Part of it is from overcompensating for so long from a previous injury. Part of it is from running. And most of it is from sitting for way too many hours at work at my desk.

Until it gets sorted out, my running career is on hold.

Instead, it has been suggested that I start focusing on other forms of exercise until I'm able to get back to running. Both my physical therapist and doctor have stressed the benefits of riding a bike and swimming. Two things I'm not so keen on. I take that back.....I enjoy the kind of swimming where I can flop around in the lake like a fish, not the laps kind of swimming.

But if I can't run and biking and swimming are my best options to get back to running I'm not going to complain about them too much. I suppose now is as good of time as any to start training for a triathlon. 
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  1. Aw sorry to hear that Meg, that stinks. Hope that muscle starts behaving ASAP!

  2. Man, that sucks. I agree with you on the swimming thing. Good luck as that hip (hopefully) gets it's ass in line.

  3. Thanks. Thankfully I have a friend who is a fitness trainer and he gave me some stretches to try out. I'm hoping it helps.

  4. If our area could get a little more that would help with the swimming, too.

  5. Thanks for the tip on the yoga class! I'll have to do some research. The closest "city" that would possible offer something like that is an hour away, but would absolutely be worth looking into. I've been doing some yoga at home but sometimes I think I need someone to help me make sure I'm in the right position.

  6. It really does help to at least get a few in person classes under your belt, particularly if you're finding that you're struggling with certain poses when you try at home. Something that videos and podcasts can't provide is modifications and adjustments, but if a teacher sees you struggling with something he/she can. My home practice improved tons after I went to some classes and learned what the common modifications to the poses I was having issues with were.

  7. Ugh! What a bummer! Don't know if you're looking for suggestions or not, but it might be worth looking to see if there are any Iyengar Yoga classes in your area... it's a slower form of yoga that's really focused on correct muscle engagement to be able to better hold poses. The muscular system is all connected at some level, and often times when you're experiencing pain in one area it's because you're not engaging muscles (usually because they're weak or because there's an injury) that would help reduce stress in that area.

    Like for example, I learned in one of the classes I took that those of us who sit for a living often times have weak quadricep muscles and often don't instinctively engage them when we stand, thus putting stress on muscles on the back and side of the leg and can end up causing all sorts of hip and knee problems.

    I haven't taken a lot of classes in that style (mostly because they're at inconvenient times in my neighborhood) but I've found them super helpful and informative.


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