28 April 2013

Sunday Confessions

Ubber Cranky: Do ya'll go through phases where everything, and I mean everything gets on your very last nerve? That's how the last couple of weeks have been going. Alright fine, the last month. It started while I was on vacation (which is also why I haven't done a whole "OMG....my vacation was awesome!" recap post because it wasn't) and I just haven't been able to kick it. *sigh* Needless to say, it's not been fun.

Running: As of Friday, I am still not allowed to run. I've been told "there shall be no running until I am able to engage in physical activity with zero pain". My physical therapist did not appreciate my "But if there is no pain, there is no gain!" joke. Anywho.....yesterday was the first time I've gone out to do any sort of exercise where there was zero pain and/or discomfort in my hip. Total win! Now, I just need that to happen for an entire week so I can get the ok to start easing back into my running routine. 

Nudge This: Why did the folks who came up with Words with Friends insist on there being a "nudge" option?! I do not need to be reminded I have friends waiting for me to make a move. In fact, if they use the "nudge" option, I purposely wait even longer to make a move. Unless it's Captain Random--then I'll immediately make a move. 


  1. Hey! Testing on your blog...

    Oh and I hope you're able to run soon. At least you're starting to go pain-free!

    1. Me, too! I really miss running.


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