13 April 2013


Planning: A trip to the big D! My dad and I are heading to Detroit next month to see the Tigers play and I am very excited about going. The boys have been off to a pretty good start this season (minus the bullpen but it means they can only get better, right? Right.) so it should be a fun game.

Worrying: I had my first appointment with the physical therapist on Thursday and have my first official session on Monday. He is quite sure I was right in thinking it was a soft tissue issue, which is good. I'm just nervous about the whole thing. Thankfully though, he is really nice, digs baseball (which will give us something to talk about during the ultrasound treatments, which are my favorite!) and seems pretty confident that we'll be able to sort out whatever is wrong pretty quickly. But still no running. He made sure to tell me four times (I kept track) that I was to absolutely avoid running for at least the next four weeks.

Bending: Since I can't run, I've been doing a lot more yoga. I know it isn't the same in terms of physical activity, but it does have the same effect emotionally which has been good.

Reading: Nothing. Everything I've started I've put back down and walked away from it. I feel like I need something fun to read and nothing in my current "library" fits that description and I can't even buy anything new because of the moratorium I put on book purchases due to the overwhelm stacks (yes, STACKS) of books I have to read.

Hooking: Lots of projects on the hooks right now. Working on a couple of elephants, some headbands, a new beach/tote bag and my moms afghan.

Linking Up: Its time for my favorite blog hop! Every time this comes around, I find a whole new bunch of fun blogs to read/follow.

Chantillysongs Blog hop


  1. Yeah, I'm not thrilled about them signing Valverde again. Grrr. Hoping they'll rock it this year. Good luck on the yoga. I'm still waiting for the weather to warm up before I do any outdoor exercise...I am a wimp; hear me - whimper. :)

  2. Sounds like it's time for a trip to the library :)

    I do yoga five times a week - when I'm not sick - and I love it. It is obviously not the same as running, but it does have other physical benefits.

  3. I hate that when it happens, when you have so many books in your house and you do not want to read a single one. It's so frustrating. I hope you can move that it soon.


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