18 February 2012

Things I pondered this week when I should have been doing other stuff.

  • I should have gone with my original plan and skipped the 54th Grammy Awards. The best part of the evening was the end, when Paul McCartney was joined on stage by Joe Walsh, Dave Grohl and Bruce Sprinsteen. 
  • I've been whipping through books this week like nobodys business. If everything goes as planned today, I shall finish reading my 5th book this week.
  • Biting my tongue and staying out of a heated debate is proving to be quite difficult, but necessary. 
  • I've shoot two rolls of film with the wrong mask in my Holga. Instead of shooting with 12 exposures, I shot each roll with 16 exposures. Hoping for 2 rolls of happy mistakes and not 2 rolls of ruined film. 
  • Until yesterday, I was pretty happy with the Mayer channel on Pandora, but six Coldplay songs nearly back to back was a bit much. I mean, I like Coldplay as much as the next guy, but really?! That's a bit much.
  • I am quite sure that if I was a parent, there is no way I could have read The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. I just can't get that book out of my head. 


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