17 February 2012

Friday Favorites: Jon Sands and a Love Poem

I had this really great idea this morning to start back up with Friday Favorites but as per usual couldn't decide which of my favorite things to share.

Then, something totally random happened at work this morning which took care of trying to figure out what to post for today.

But first a confession.

I may have had a wee bit of a freak out moment (a good one) at work today. It could have been similar to what one might witness when another person happens upon someone they admire (say a celebrity) on the street minus all the crying, screaming and sobbing. Or at least that is what it felt like in my head.

A couple of friends and I were having a chat about sassy haircuts and an impending trip to NYC (sadly, not mine). Somehow that turned into her (the one traveling to NYC) talking about her first boyfriend (Ben) who recently married his partner (Wendell), which I thought was interesting because on Tuesday (for Valentine's Day of course!), Write Bloody Publishing posted a poem on their Facebook page by one of my favorite poets (Jon Sands) which was a love poem for his brother (Ben) and his partner (Wendell). It took us all of five seconds to realize we were talking about the same people.

Commence me freaking out (in my mind) like a twelve year old at a Jonas Brothers Concert.

I first learned of Jon's poetry through a combination of Write Bloody's newsletter and Youtube (I was looking for a poem by someone and he came up in the suggestions). I immediately bought a copy of his book, The New Clean and spent more time than I think I'd like to admit watching clips of his live performances.

For my first week back I bring to you a few poems by Jon Sands, to include the love poem that started all of this!

Jon Sands - EPITHALAMION: A Love Poem for Ben & Wendell

Jon Sands: On The Bus in Queens


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