08 July 2011

Dream Guy

Good grief.

I get it. I've had loads of free time on my hands which means my imagination and subconscious has been having a field day.

I have now had nearly the same dream about the same guy three times in four days. That's weird, right?!

With the exception of a recurring nightmare (having the same dream now that I had when I was a wee little kid is far less than fun) I rarely have the same dream twice and I never have the same dream about the same person. Ever.

Until now.

And I have to say, it's annoying. It would be one thing if the dreams were the kinds of dreams I normally have. The types of dreams where I wake up, shaking my head and laughing at how bizarre they were. But no. These are dreams that serve as a reminder that a) I'm being ridiculous and b) I've done it again (falling for the wrong guy).


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