23 January 2014

Project 365: Week 3

This little dog really is a girls best friend.
15/365 2014.01.015

I always feel a bit prickly when someone compliments me on my appearance. Twice I had someone mention to me that the self portraits I have been taking for this project have been "beautiful". I just don't see it and am not sure I ever will. 
16/365 2014.01.16

Still plugging away at drawing.
And for a dog who hates having her photograph taken, I am amazed at how many times she ends up photobombing a shot.
17/365 2014.01.17

There has be a lot of writing going on lately.  There have even been nights I've woken up from a dream and grabbed my phone to make notes. It's an odd feeling, having all the words trapped inside me again. But a good one knowing I'm able to get them out and give them a bit of life. 
18/365 2014.01.18

One of my favorite drawings from my sketchbook. 
19/365 2014.01.19

This is where the magic happens.
Writing. Reading. Photo editing. Breaking my blog.
20/365 2014.01.20

My daily wears. 
21/365 2014.01.21
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