24 March 2013


Loving: The beach! To say I am I having a grand time relaxing with my book in a lounge chair on a beautiful beach in the Dominican Republic would be quite the understatement. It is absolutely gorgeous here! So much so I could see myself becoming a total beach bum 24/7 if the opportunity ever presented itself.

Reading: Shantaram. I brought a couple other titles with me in case this one didn't hold my attention, but I am completely enthralled with the life of Linbaba and his Indian friends. As I told a friend the other day who has recently finished reading this book as well, it is a title I wish I would have read years ago.

Listening: I think this is the first time in a long time I have left the iPod behind while on the beach. Not listening to the waves and breeze through the palm trees would be missing a huge part of the experience.

Writing: I haven't written a complete anything since I arrived last week but I have lots of ideas flowing which is almost as good. It's been a wonderful feeling putting pen to paper again and the fact that it is happening so freely/easily is proof enough for me that this vacation was just what the doctor ordered!


  1. The beach sounds lovely, enjoy it!!

  2. Jealous. That is all.



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