29 June 2011

Let the healing begin!

Alright. I'm not going to lie. I totally underestimated how much time I was/am going to need to bounce back from yesterdays surgery. On paper, it all seemed very simple and the discussion of being able to walk on my foot/ankle after the procedure made me a little too optimistic.

But I'm trying to keep that optimism going in hopes that it does help with my recovery.

With the help of my parents (I seriously couldn't do any of this without them), I've been camped out on their couch watching bad daytime tv, catching up on my Netflix queue and indulging in my favorite foods. The one thing I am not doing but wish I was, was sleeping. I swear I must be the only one suffering from insomnia who has been under anesthesia and on some pretty hefty pain killers. Oh well.

My follow-up with my doctor is on Friday where I'll hopefully have my splint and "cast" removed and find out if/when I'll be walking again.


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