18 June 2011

Express Yourself

I think we all know how much I like projects or at least like to have something create to work on. It's just that I get bored really easily and need something to occupy my time. What is that quote: Idle hands are the devils tools.

The other day, a fellow blogger whom (or is it who--I can never remember the rule) I follow posted about embracing her inner scrapbooker using a Smash Book. The idea sounded interesting and after watching the quick video about using a the Smash Book, I realized this was something totally up my ally.

Because I am completely impatient and would rather not have to wait for them to come back in stock in the online store--I have decided to make my own. I picked up an artist book today on my way home for a wedding that I shot and raided my moms scrapbooking supplies for a cover. It's not as fancy as the Smash Book, but for me, it's perfect and I can't wait to start filling the pages!


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