28 October 2013

Music Monday: Lou Reed

I had something else lined up for today, but then I read this from Rolling Stone:

Lou Reed is among a great number of musicians and band whom I don't remember listening to for the first time. They are part of my history that has just always been there. Because well, the music has always been there.

I do however remember popping in my copy of The Velvet Underground & Nico's cassette tape and melting into the floor while listening to it. I must have been 15, an age when I was starting to really understand and appreciate the power of music. There was something magical about the way the music came out of the speakers. There was a perfection in their imperfections that left me feeling hollow because I felt like I had missing out of the songs for so long.

Perfect Day continues to be one of the most perfect songs (for me) that has even been written. I will be the first to admit that the reason I like the idea of sangria has everything to do with this song.

RIP Mr. Reed. May your music live on in the souls of your fans forever.

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