01 September 2013

Sunday Confessions

Seriously?!: Can we all just agree that summer colds are the worst. I woke up yesterday morning with a full on hackey cough, sore throat and plugged ears. And today is worse which means lounging about the lake this afternoon just became less appealing.

Slacker: I only worked out once, ONCE, this past week. And I don't feel bad about it. I plan on getting back on track this week, but it was really nice to actually be home at a decent time every night after work.

Sloths: O.k......what is the deal with the sloth obsession?! It seems like they are all over the place. It's a bit weird really. I mean....I guess they are kind of cute, but really?!

Pieces: I'm already planning my next tattoo, as in already sketching it out and trying to figure out if a certain set of song lyrics will fit into it or not.

Over It: Call it just an overwhelming sense of frustration in general, but I'm kind of done with people who constantly feel the need to tell you why they don't like something. I've had more "Yeah, I would never do that" or "I would never get a tattoo there" from folks about my new tattoo than I've had "Nice--I totally dig that you dig that". I get it but it's been really hard to not respond, "For the briefest of moments, we aren't talking about you, so step off". I'm too nice to do more than just smile and mentally whap the person upside their head.

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  1. 1.) Isn't it weird how suddenly the whole weird gets obsessed with the same random thing at once? Bacon. Sloths. Owls. Nobody used to like owls, now every other female I meet is all "I love owls! I collect them!" and they are on EVERYTHING. (Note: owls are fine. I'm just not obsessed.)
    2.) People can be such asshats about tattoos. Why did you get that? Do you know what that's going to look like when you're 80? (And I'm like: "It's going to look awesome and like I went for things I wanted." And my personal favorite: "Did it hurt?" Of course if friggin' hurt. Now ask me how much it hurt when compared to the work ink I've had done on my ribs. Dur.


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