25 November 2013

Music Monday: John Mayer

Question: What happens when you totally forget you have tickets to see you favorite musician?

Answer: You look at your calendar at work trying to figure out why I've put down that you are out of the office a noon on a Wednesday.

This is what happened when I was sorting things out at work for the week of Thanksgiving. Some how it had totally slipped my mind that I'd be seeing John Mayer in GR this week. It's either a sign that I am losing my mind or that I have to much going on right now to keep anything straight.

I'm going with the second option.

Since I've featured him quite heavily on the blog, I'm going something a little different. One of my absolute favorite songs that Mayer has done is Stitched Up which he recorded with Herbie Hancock for Hancock's album Possibilities. It's really fun watching the process they go through writing and recording the tune.

I'd highly suggest picking up a copy of the album or watching the whole documentary. It's really amazing stuff. 
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