26 November 2011

Let's try this....one....more.....time.....

How quickly time flies!

I cannot believe December is nearly here. And with it comes the start of my next 365 project. I know. I know. I'm pretty sure I've lost my mind, too. But I miss my cameras. A lot which means it's time to drag them out and getting shooting with them.

This time around, I'm going with an all subjects theme. People. Places. Things. Myself. Who knows what'll I'll end up with but there will be a catch (isn't there always a catch)---it'll be a project in black and white.

Personally, it is my favorite "form" of photography and one that I find to be quite challenging to produce. So, that's the plan.

Now I just need to find a place to host the photos as to ensure they aren't just clogging up my hard drive where no one and see them!


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